Nobody would want to take on a disruptive and major financial project such as painting your home’s exterior. Sadly, allowing an exterior paint job to go for additional few years can adversely affect your house. Remember that paint is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Hence, how do you know when you should have your home exterior painted. Listed below are some of the major warning signs that indicate that you should repaint your house exterior now. 


A newly done exterior paint job can boost your curb appeal, and possibly bring you a great return on investment or even bring you some money upfront. Before listing your house, it’s a good idea to consult the house painting experts as they can tell you whether the exterior painting’s cost outweighs the expenses linked with it. 


Though it’s not a that bad problem, faded paint can make your property look tired and sad. Once the house is more faded on specific areas, the sun will be leaching the pigments that come from your paint. Hence, it would be best if you have it repainted. Even if physical damage is not found, your property could still be quite of an eyesore. 


If you are fortunate and your paint still does not display any signs of failure, you may still want to redo it. Even though you don’t see the indicators, it’s still a wise choice to have your exterior paint repainted once a particular period has passed. It indicates that the paint has performed its job and secured your home with a great coat of paint for several years. Bit if you cannot remember when was the last time you’ve had your home painted, or when it’s been more than one decade, contact a professional house painter to prevent damage. 

Wear and tear 

Once the paint has begun showing signs of wear and tear, you should consider having a paint job for your exterior now. Physical signs of wear include peeling, bubbling, and peeling. When any of these signs are present, it could mean that your paint isn’t adhering to your house anymore. Meaning, moisture is being enabled to seep into the film of your paint, which eventually results in problems below. Because of that, it’s really important to get an expert who can assess the underlying potential damage and issues. 


Once you can see some parts around your home where it appears as if your house is pulling away from window frames and doors, that means that it’s time to have your home exterior painted again. In this case, you need your house to be caulked so that the gaps will be filled in. An expert can let you know whether moisture has reached into your wood are resulted in any problems that you have to be concerned with. Also, make sure to address all the places where you can see gaps. 

You need to have your exterior painted every 5-10 years, based on the craftsmanship it was painted last time, and depending on your paint’s quality.